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The Top 5 Areas Most Overlooked During DIY House Cleaning

The Top 5 Areas Most Overlooked During DIY House Cleaning

1. Underneath Furniture and Appliances

While many of us might sweep, vacuum, or mop regularly, moving heavy furniture or appliances seems too much work. As a result, the spaces underneath couches, refrigerators, or washing machines become havens for dust bunnies, lost items, and, occasionally, pests. Regular cleaning of these areas can make the home cleaner and prevent long-term damage to flooring from moisture or debris.

2. Interior of Light Fixtures and Ceiling Fans

Have you ever switched on a light and noticed a swarm of dead insects inside the fixture? Or did you feel that despite being ‘clean,’ your ceiling fan still throws down more dust? These are areas that often get neglected. Dust accumulates rapidly on fan blades and inside light fixtures, impacting their functionality and overall room hygiene.

3. Top of Cabinets and Wardrobes

The surfaces on top of kitchen cabinets, bookshelves, and wardrobes are often forgotten since they’re not at eye level. However, just a swipe of the hand can reveal a thick layer of dust. Over time, this accumulation can become a breeding ground for pests and contribute to poor indoor air quality.

4. Behind the Toilet and Bathroom Fixtures

While many clean the apparent areas of the bathroom, spaces behind the toilet or under the sink can be awkward to reach and, thus, ignored. Because of the high humidity, these areas are prime locations for mold, mildew, and bacteria growth. It’s essential not just for cleanliness but also for health to address these nooks regularly.

5. Window and Door Tracks

Windows and doors are our homes’ gateways to the external world. While we might clean the glass or the door surface, the tracks where they slide or latch often go unnoticed. These tracks can accumulate a surprising amount of dirt, debris, and even tiny insects. Maintaining clean trails is suitable for your windows’ functionality and longevity.


DIY cleaning is commendable and can be pretty effective. However, there are always those tricky spots that get overlooked. Sometimes, these very areas can make a significant difference in a home’s overall hygiene and ambiance. If you’re in Santa Clara, CA, and realize that some areas of your home need that expert touch, consider contacting We Do It Right Housekeeping. We take great pride in our meticulousness, which means that even the tiniest details of your property will be polished to perfection by us. Let’s make your DIY efforts genuinely complete with our professional finishing touches. Get in touch with us today for a house that shines like new!

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